Youth Change America Inc. is an Atlanta based charitable organization driven to dramatically reduce the epidemic rise of childhood obesity in youth ages 11-13.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing results based programs that will:

  1. Empower youth with the skills to make informed lifestyle decisions regarding nutrition, physical activity and character development
  2. Provide parents with the resources and skills needed to help their families make healthier food choices, reduce recreational screen time and increase physical activity,
  3. Unify community stake holders, businesses and community leaders, to implement policies that will promote and facilitate physical activity and access to fresh food.

Youth Change America Inc. will reshape the lives and value system of youth by using media as a constructive tool to modify behavior. Our marque program, CelebFit, will use the power of media to reward and recognize young people for living a healthy lifestyle in the same manner it does their favorite media personalities. We believe that recognizing youth for their accomplishments, rewarding them with cool prizes and associating them with people of notoriety will make the choices of living a healthy lifestyle cool, fun and desired by America’s youth.