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October 28th, 2014 | admin

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Eat, Think, and Be Active!® is an interactive after-school education program that focuses on building skills in media analysis and media production to help young people ages 11 to 13 understand the complex media world around them and how it can influence their health—especially in regard to nutrition and physical activity.

The curriculum consists of ten 90-minute lessons and culminates with a youth-led media project called “The Big Production.” Each lesson consists of a series of activities, as outlined in Figure 1. In addition, the curriculum contains special snack breaks and action breaks for each lesson. (For a complete listing of the lessons, activities, and breaks, see Attachment A.)
Figure 1. Media-Smart Youth® Lessons and Activities
Lesson     Activities

1.    Welcome to Media-Smart Youth®     Getting Started
A. What Is the Media-Smart Youth (MSY) Workshop?
B. Working Agreement
C. Focus on Fruits and Vegetables
2.    Thinking About Media
A. What Are Media?
B. Media and Health—What’s the Connection?
C. Mini-Production
3.    Asking Questions
A. More Than One Kind of Kid
B. The 6 Media Questions
C. Mini-Production
4.    Nutrition Know-How… Eat It Up!
A. Hurray for Whole Grains!
B. Cutting Back on Fat and Added Sugar
C. Mini-Production

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